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Primary Academy

Sport Relief 2020

Friday 13th March 2020

We will be taking part in Sport Relief 2020 on Friday 13th March 2020. This is a great chance to raise money for some very important causes whilst having fun exercising.

We'd like everyone (including all staff!) to join in and dress in sports clothing – eg football kit/joggers and sporty t-shirt with hoodie/sweatshirt, but a must for everyone will be – WEAR YOUR TRAINERS TO SCHOOL!  This is one day of the year we want you to wear your training shoes – whether they be trainers, plimsoles, sporting shoes, just as long as you can wear them all day and be able to run in them.

If your child is a member of a sporting club or does a sporting activity outside of school and wants to wear their kit, this is perfectly fine – gymnastics, Karate/Ju-jitsu, boxing, football, horse riding, athletics, hockey, tennis, and virtually anything else is perfectly fine, it will be a real sporting celebration! 

There will be a £1 donation towards the day which will be sent directly to Sport Relief.

The children will then take part in running a mile around the school field at a specific time of the day on Friday. Each year group will get an allocated time to complete part of the mile, so that by the end of the day between us, we will have ran that mile.