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Hello and welcome to Computing page! 

I'm Mr Lane and I am the Computing Leader in school - I love technology and using it to different things from creating programs to turn on a light at home to creating a light show for a Christmas production! 

About Computing at Mansfield Primary:

Computing provides a gateway to a wealth of knowledge, skills, people and places. It is an incredibly powerful tool that is considered a native skill for our children. 

Children access technology seamlessly so our role is providing the opportunities to develop those skills and develop them safely. The computing curriculum therefore links with our PSHE curriculum though e-safety. 

Computing as a subject has three main areas: 

  • - Computer Science - designing, debugging and exploring programming
  • - Digital literacy - using technology safely
  • - Information Technology - use technology to create, store and share digital content 

Through EYFS, KS1 and KS2 we will explore these skills through our learning in class and use computing as a way of bringing other subjects together and exploring them further. We will also develop new discrete skills, such as computer programming. 

Computer programming sounds scary - it really isn't! Put another way, computing programming requires a set of skills, these skills we use everyday! The difference is the language we may use. 

Computer programming requires:

Computational thinking - this the ability to follow instructions in a systematic (step by step) way. It's something we do all the time in our lessons. Computational thinking means we can also ask questions:

  • "If this happens then what do I want to happen?"
  • "Why does this happen when I want this to happen?"
  • "What happens next?" 

 Asking these questions helps us change and improve programs to meet our needs or even the need of the person (client) we are writing the program for! 

Debugging - debugging is working out where the problem is - again a skill we do everyday in our lessons and lives. Have you ever got dressed in the morning and realised you've put your jumper on before your t-shirt? How did you overcome it - by debugging! Have you ever been adding 236 to 176 and forget to add your exchanged ten from 6 +6 into the tens column - how did you over come it - debugging! 

 The key is finding where the problem is in the algorithm (program) and working out how to fix it. We use programs in school that help us do this without having to use a computer language (like Java, C#, HTML) that comes later once you've mastered computational thinking and debugging instead we use darg and drop programming such through Purple Mash and websites such as Scratch to help build the skills needed. 

The pages on the right will take you through specific sections of the curriculum we offer at Mansfield Primary.