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Primary Academy

How we teach Phonics

Phonics Teaching at Mansfield Primary Academy:

At Mansfield Primary Academy we teach Phonics using the basis of Letters and Sounds alongside the Rapid Phonics Programme. The Letters and Sounds Programme aims to build children's speaking and listening skills as well as to prepare children for learning to read by developing their phonic knowledge and skills. It sets out a detailed and systematic programme for teaching phonic skills for children, with the aim of them becoming fluent readers. Combining this with Rapid Phonics, which provides teaching material to help deliver inspiring, snappy phonics sessions for your struggling readers and children, enables us to ensure that phonics is taught consistently and effectively throughout school.


· To teach children aural discrimination, phonemic awareness and rhyme awareness in order

 · To encourage good spelling.

 · To encourage repetition and consolidation, so that spelling becomes automatic.

· To encourage children to segment and blend.

We want our children:

· To learn to read and write all 44 graphemes in the English language.

 · To learn specific strategies to help them remember common exception words.

 · To experience teaching of phonics which is lively, interactive and investigative.

· To apply their phonic skills in all curriculum areas.