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How we teach Writing

Rainbow Grammar

Within our English teaching there is a strong emphasis on Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar (SPAG). To make the complexities of grammar accessible to young children the school uses a scheme known as Rainbow Grammar.


What is Rainbow Grammar?

Rainbow Grammar is a fun, practical and colourful way of teaching children how to build different types of sentences. The approach was developed by Jason Wade.

In Rainbow Grammar, there are nine colours and each colour represents a different part of a sentence.

Children learn:

  • how different parts of sentences work
  • what different types of words and parts of sentences are called
  • how to join the different parts of sentences together
  • how to improve their sentences
  • how to punctuate their sentences.


Most importantly of all, they learn why writers use these different parts and how they help to improve their writing.


The Rainbow Grammar Colours

The colours help the children learn and recognise different sentence structures. The children build their sentences using different coloured strips of paper or using different coloured pens and pencils. We also use the smartboards to support their learning in this area. When we look at different texts we can play ‘text detectives’ and identify the constituent parts of the sentence by highlighting or underlining in the appropriate colour.


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