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Primary Academy


How Mathematics Looks in Our Academy:

At Mansfield Primary Academy there is a buzz about maths. All children believe in themselves as mathematicians. They will see mistakes as a valuable tool for learning and develop resilience to say I can’t do that ‘yet’. Working in mixed ability pairs, our children understand that if they deeply understand something they will be able to explain it to someone else. MPA children can see the world through someone else’s eyes; they use different methods to solve problems and are able to evaluate the most efficient. Concrete apparatus supports understanding and develops high-level explanations of children’s thinking. All lessons follow the concrete, pictorial, abstract approach and lessons are carefully scaffolded into a series of steps each designed to move children’s understanding forwards. Workbooks allow teachers to assess learning and immediate intervention is in place to support those who need it. We are all on the same journey and every lesson starts this way, some children take this journey deeper and this is evidenced in their journals.  Marvellous mistakes are part of this learning journey and help us to learn and grow as mathematicians deepening our understanding. Number fluency is taught separately to our main maths lesson, our children know their number bonds and x tables off by heart allowing them to free their minds to concentrate on more difficult mathematical concepts.