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Primary Academy

Miss Park's Group

Please follow the Phonics PowerPoints in this order to ensure that your child learns all of the sounds correctly to support their reading.

Week 1: ee, ea, e, e-e, y

Week 2: ie, ie, i-e, igh, y 

Week 3: i, oa, o-e, o, ow

   Week 4: ou, ue, u-e, u, ew

Week 5: er, ir, ur, ar, a 

Week 6: or, oi, al, au, aw

Week 7: oi, oy, ou, ow, oo 

Week 8: oul, u, oo, ue, ew

Week 9: u-e, ou, o, e, ea 

Week 10: ai, ie, u, ou, o-e

Week 11: o, c, k, ck, ch 

Week 12: j, g(e), g(i), g(y), ge

Week 13: dge, ch, tch, nk, s