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Primary Academy

Number Fluency

In reception children will follow Maths no problem! The scheme helps children in the Early Years begin to develop a deep and long-lasting understanding of the world of mathematics. It meets all the requirements of the revised EYFS Framework 2021. This proven, research-based solution encourages learning through play and helps children in the Early Years begin to develop a deep understanding of the world of mathematics

Number sense is fundamental for children in their early years education. Children need lots of opportunities to develop number sense and deepen their conceptual understanding. Carefully setting up provision can really help with this. We have specific areas across our early years setting to allow children to explore their learning and develop a love of maths!

Learning to count in the early years is a fundamental skill, and is the key to mastering mathematical concepts in the future. But learning to count is way harder than you might think! The more time children spend counting objects, the more they start to make connections and develop their number sense. If learners can leave the early years as confident counters, they’ll be set up for success in Year 1.