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Primary Academy

Physical Education

Week One (11.01.2021):

PE at Home for EYFS and Key Stage One 

PE at Home for Key Stage Two - Speed, Strength and Conditioning 


Improve your speed, strength and coordination by taking part in our brand new Key Stage 2 at home PE lesson. Take part in our at home Mini Olympic Challenges.

These lessons feature relevant teaching points and examples of what best practice should look like however, if running through the videos without pauses, children are given limited practice time.

We'd advise parents to let children spend at least 5 minutes on each practice by pausing the video before then attempting each challenge.

This will also allow you to provide meaningful feedback that is individual and relevant to your child's development. When attempting each 30 second challenge encourage children are to have at least five attempts and record their best score.

This will give children a more realistic PE Lesson which will run over 30 to 45 minutes and fit into your home schooling timetable.

We're back to home learning and will be releasing an at home PE Lesson each week for Key Stage One and Key Stage 2 focusing on different areas of the PE Curriculum. The following weeks can be found on this page. 

Week Two (18.01.2021):

Key Stage One and Foundation:



Key Stage Two:




Week Three (25.01.21):

Key Stage One and Foundation:




Key Stage Two:




Week Four (01.02.2021):

Key Stage One and Foundation:




Key Stage Two:





Week Five (08.02.2021):

Key Stage One:





Key Stage Two: