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Practice the content of arithmetic questions.

What content do these KS2 maths papers cover?

This collection of KS2 maths papers includes a range of core arithmetic questions for Year 5 students to practise. Covering a range of topics from the National Curriculum including: addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions and more. 

Great for revision. Answer sheets are also provided to help make marking easier.

Why is arithmetic important to learn in KS2 Maths?

Having excellent arithmetic skills will be essential to help pupils succeed in their KS2 SATs. 

Having a clear foundation in applied and mental arithmetic will give students the building blocks to be successful in other areas of KS2 maths. These KS2 maths papers will help students with their understanding of fractions and percentages, ratio, measurements, and much more. 

These KS2 maths practice questions are a great way to help build a child's confidence, as they can work through them at their own pace.