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Primary Academy

Progression of Language

Below are the key words and phrases that children in KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 will learn throughout their Geography units and lessons at Mansfield Primary Academy.





Key Physical Features

Beach, cliff, coast, forest, hill, mountain, sea, ocean, river, soil, valley, vegetation, season, weather

Water cycle, flood, volcanoes, climate zones, reservoir, dam, prevention, meander, oxbow, gorge, floodplain, earthquakes, tectonic plates, crust, mantle

Tsunami, biome, after shock, fault line, Artic, Antarctic, topography, glacier, hurricane, cyclone, tornado, desert, temperate, subtropical

Key Human Features

City, town, village, factory, farm, house, office, port, harbour, shop

Settlement, trade, land use, natural resources, minerals, distribution, region, farming, pyramid, industrial

Exploration, boundary, empire, migration, colonisation, death rate