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Primary Academy

Progression of Language

Below are the key words and phrases that children in KS1, LKS2 and UKS2 will learn throughout their History units and lessons at Mansfield Primary Academy.





Passing of Time

Here, now, then, yesterday, last week, last year, long time ago, present, past

X years ago, in 1939…, during the reign of…, during the war…., towards the end of the Roman empire, throughout the Egyptian period…

Pre 1066, post 1066, X million years ago, X billion years ago, After/before the millennia…

Measuring of Time

Hours, weeks, years, decades, centuries

AD, BC, eras

Epochs, ACE, BCE, millennia

Abstract Terms

Artefact, calendar, church, change, King, Queen, local, museum, myths, legends, nation, oral history, parliament.

Ancient Civilisations, archaeology, aristocracy, Bronze Age, conquest, chronology, Christianity, continuity, discovery, diversity, emperor, global, gods, goddesses, heresay, hunter-gatherer, international, interpretation, Iron Age, rebellion, revolt, settler, slave, significance

Treason, traitor, torture, sacrifice, republic, primary evidence, secondary evidence, execution, empire, democracy, missionary, monastery, colony, crusades, explorer