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Primary Academy

Transition Activites

Welcome to Simba Class

Simba is an adventurous, curious and brave lion, he makes new friends and works as part of a team to become the new king. Simba teaches us to tackle any challenge thrown our way and never give up when trying to achieve our goals. In September you will become a part of our team in Simba Class. Simbas will learn by doing continuous provision. The children will use their already established skills to further their learning. They will be completing activities each day and exploring lots of different areas of the Year One curriculum. The year ahead of us will be full of fun, laughter, learning, discovery and teamwork! We can't wait to meet you and welcome you into your new classroom.

Please complete the following activities with your child to get them ready to transition into Year 1.


Wish Upon a Star Activity - What do you wish for year 1? What would you like to do when you are in year 1? What would you like to get better at? What would you like to learn about? Draw a picture or write about your wish inside the star. 

All About me Booklet - Print out the booklet and complete this booklet with your child. Talk about the questions and help your add to add their own ideas, drawings and photographs! 

I cant wait to meet you all in September - Miss Park