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Primary Academy

Transition from Year 4 to Year 5

Welcome to year 5!

I am so excited to have you as my new class.

When we return to school in September we are going to be an absolutely amazing year 5 team!

Your year 5 teachers will be Miss Leggott, Mrs Gregory, Mrs Bradley-Saunders and Miss Davis- we seriously cannot wait to share all your year 5 learning with you.

Just so that you can start getting as excited as we are I'm going to share some of our year 5 topics with you. This year we will be studying:

  • The Vikings and Scandinavia
  • China and the Shang Dynasty.
  • Ancient Greece, the Olympics and Japan.

We will investigate the Earth and Space, living things, their habitats and life cycles. animals, including humans. properties and changes of materials. and forces.

Obviously, we will cover lots of exciting new topics in maths too and learn new grammar to make our writing even better! But if you want to research any of these topics and send me your work I would love to see!

I love books and reading if you want to write a book review on your favourite book through lock down I'd love to see it- I really like pictures too, can you draw some to help me picture the story in my head.

I have added some activities below so that I can get to know you better! Please have a go at them. I don't expect you to print them out. Have a look- copy them out to create your own versions- I know how creative you all are! When they are done- photograph them and send them back to me on class dojo! (Can you believe you are almost in year 5!)

Have a think about any questions you would like to ask me- I will be calling your families this week- so it will be a perfect time to ask- you could even make a list!

I hope you are feeling really excited now! We can't wait to have you all in the new Year 5 team!