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Primary Academy

Year 2 Alternative Tasks

If some children are finding the printed work packs a little tricky here are some alternative activities and things to try. Feel free to also use work posted on any of the other class pages.
Maths Tasks
Watch the videos and then try the activities from the Whiterose website
Practise counting your times tables using the popping balloons game- can you learn a times table that you don't know yet? Play the game, then ask an adult to test you on the different times tables:
Play this money game:  
Label some of your toys with different prices (1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p, £1). Pretend you are in a shop and have some money to spend. How many toys can you buy for 10p, 25p, 50p, 75p and £1? Have a go at writing these as a number sentence (5p + 2p = 7p). 
English Tasks
Have a go at the story quiz below. Afterwards try to draw a story map about one of these stories.
Practical Activities
Find different things around the house that you can measure. Then put them in order. 
Count a range of interesting objects (coins, pasta shapes, buttons etc.). Encourage them to touch and move each object as they count.
Cut out numerals from newspapers, magazines or birthday cards. Then help your child to put the numbers in order.
Choose a shape of the week e.g. cylinder. Look for this shape in the environment (tins, candles etc). Ask your child to describe the shape to you (2 circular faces, 2 curved edges ..)
Help an adult make your lunch or dinner and write instructions to explain how you did it.
Play Hangman using the Year 2 Common Exception words.
Try some further activities on the practical tasks link below.