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Primary Academy


Our Classes 2021-22

Click on the Class Image or head to the links in this section, to find out more about what's happening in your class this year

Our classes are:

Orville (Nursery (F1)) 

Mrs Wilson, Mrs Slack, Mrs Pope and Miss Wagstaffe



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Wilbur  (Reception (F2))    

Miss Cotton, Mrs Livingstone, Mrs Pope, Miss Wagstaffe, Miss Smith



Roald Dahl (Year 1)   

Miss Stendall, and Miss Garrity



Irwin (Year 2)    

Mr Dean, Mrs Egginton and Miss Phillips



Picasso (Year 3)   

Miss Foulstone, Miss Phillips and Mrs Hebden



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Monet (Year 4)    

Miss Bacon, Mrs Cierpiol, Miss Davis and Mrs Bradley-Saunders



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Martin Luther King (Year 5)          

Miss Leggott, Mrs Robinson, Miss Barrass, Mrs Draycott and Mrs Cox



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Boseman (Year 6)          

Mr Derry, Mrs Bradley-Saunders and Mrs Gregory


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