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Our Aims

We aim to provide a happy, caring and stimulating environment where all our pupils are motivated to work hard in order to reach their full potential through a challenging curriculum.

We aim to help pupils develop lively, enquiring minds, with the ability to question and to apply themselves to tasks and physical skills.

We aim to help pupils to acquire knowledge and skills needed in a fast changing world giving special attention to English and Mathematical ability.

The school will aim to:

Care for your child’s safety and happiness.

Ensure that your child achieves her/his full potential as a valued member of the school and wider community.

Provide a stimulating and balanced curriculum and meet the individual needs of your child.

Achieve high standards of work and behaviour through building positive relationships and developing a sense of responsibility and ownership.

Keep you informed about general school matters and about your child’s progress, learning and how it can best be supported at home.

Be open and welcoming at all times and offer opportunities for you to become involved in the daily life of the school.

Inform your child about how well they are learning and set targets to help them improve.

Signed:  Mr J Lane



I/We the parents/carers will aim to:

Ensure my child is prepared for the day ahead by having had adequate rest and breakfast.

Ensure my child has excellent attendance - avoiding taking holidays during term time and will inform the school promptly on the day of any absence.

Ensure that my child gets to school promptly and properly equipped including the agreed school uniform, water bottle and PE kit.

Make the school aware of any concerns or problems that might affect my child’s work or behaviour – avoiding the use of social media to address these.

Support the school’s policies and approach to behaviour.

Support and ensure my child completes any homework / home learning tasks.

Support my child’s learning further by practising times tables and spellings set in school.

Attend parent’s evenings / discussions about my child’s progress and other key school events.

Ensure that I read with and listen to my child read at least 4 times a week at home and record this in the Reading Diary.


Parent / Carer of



The pupils will aim to:

Care for others and their feelings.

Complete all work to the highest possible standard.

Look after the school environment and everyone in it.

Be polite and helpful.

Ensure that behaviour in and around school is of a high standard.

Follow the whole school and their class Codes of Conduct.


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