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Pupil Premium 2015/16

Pupil Premium Statement 2015 to 16

What is Pupil Premium?

Introduced in April 2011, the pupil premium is allocated to children who are looked after by the local authority, those who have been eligible for FSM at any point in the last six years (also known as Ever 6 FSM) and for children whose parents are currently serving in the armed forces. The level of premium for 2015/16 is £1320 per pupil.

Attainment gaps between pupils from deprived backgrounds and their more affluent peers persist through all stages of education, including entry into higher education. The highest early achievers from deprived backgrounds are overtaken by lower achieving children from advantaged backgrounds by age seven. The gap widens further during secondary education and persists into higher education. The likelihood of a pupil eligible for FSM achieving five or more GCSEs at A*-C including English and mathematics is less than one third of a non-FSM pupil. A pupil from a non-deprived background is more than twice as likely to go on to study at university as their deprived peer.

It is for schools to decide how the pupil premium allocated to their school is spent. Schools will be held accountable for their use of the additional funding to support pupils from low-income families and the impact this has on educational attainment. School performance tables now include a ‘Narrowing the Gap’ measure showing how disadvantaged children perform in each school. Since September 2012, schools have had to publish online details of their pupil premium allocation and their plans to spend it in the current year.


The principle objective of the Greenwood Academies Trust (GAT) is to raise levels of educational attainment in areas of previously low levels of attainment, often in areas experiencing high levels of economic and social deprivation, in order to increase the life chances of young people.

As an academy within GAT, the staff at Mansfield Primary Academy are committed to supporting our high proportion of disadvantaged pupils, to ensure that all pupils are provided with learning opportunities which enable them to progress and achieve higher levels of attainment.  Currently, 67% of Mansfield Primary Academy pupils qualify for this funding.

Evidence of Impact Pupil Premium Funding – 2014/15 Data 

% Pupils Achieving Level 4+ at end of KS2 Combined Reading, Writing, Maths Maths Reading Writing
Pupil Premium Pupils (14/22) 57 71 64 64
All Pupils (22) 68 77 73 73

Pupil Premium at Mansfield Primary Academy – planned expenditure 2015/16

Our funding for 2015-2016 is £172,920

The Pupil Premium funding at Mansfield Primary Academy will be used in the following ways during 2015/16, to impact positively on pupil progress.  After reviewing the impact of Pupil Premium expenditure last year, some of the successful initiatives will be continued:

  1. Reading Interventions
  • To continue engaging children more effectively in reading, we have renewed our subscription to Bug Club, including e-books which can be accessed from home.
  • To continue with Rapid Reading scheme by extending licences.
  • Literacy Volunteers – continued support from volunteer adults, who help pupils in Y5 and Y6 with their reading and comprehension skills.
  • Mentoring – 1:1 and small group support in Guided Reading, timetabling staff across the Academy.
  • SATs Booster groups for Year 6 pupils, Y5 in summer term – lead by class teacher, Teaching Assistant and Principal.
  • Y2 Reading booster – lead by class teacher, Teaching Assistant and Deputy Principal.
  • Tales of Heartwood activities on World Book Day – to read with all classes in our library. This follows on from their work engaging parents and their children in reading activities, during a six week long course in the spring term.
  • Purchasing of software and books to support Spelling and Grammar, from ‘Rising Stars’ and ‘Purple Mash’
  1. Maths Interventions
  • Purchasing of additional ‘Numicon’, a maths manipulative which supports understanding of number.
  • Subscription to Abacus Active Learn Primary, an interactive maths website, which compliments the children’s work in school through interactive activities which can be used at home.
  • Continued subscription to ‘Mathletics’ software, an interactive maths programme designed to help pupils develop their understanding of number, which can be used at home.
  • Mentoring – 1:1 and small group support in maths by timetabling staff across the academy.
  • Additional SATs Booster groups for Year 6 pupils, Y5 in summer term – lead by class teacher, Teaching Assistant and Principal.
  • Y2 Maths booster – lead by class teacher, teaching assistant and Deputy Principal.
  1. Staff
  • Appointment of a Parent Support Worker (PSW), to increase parental engagement with the academy, including pupil attendance and liaison with external support agencies, including child protection issues.
  • Continued employment of a Learning Mentor to provide rapid support for new arrivals with EAL – including Polish and Russian.
  • Continued employment of a Care Assistant (based in EYFS), to support children with specific needs or disabilities in accessing the curriculum.

  1. Attendance
  • Dedicated time for our Clerical Assistant to follow up unauthorised absences, persistent absentees and punctuality issues. Supported by PSW, Attendance Officer, shared between the Brunts ‘family’ of feeder primary schools and Principal.
  1. Support for social, emotional and behavioural difficulties
  • Think Children – weekly counselling and support for pupils with social, emotional or behavioural needs
  • Specialist Behavioural Support, as required by a ‘BEST’ teacher for pupil support and staff development.
  1. Curriculum Enrichment and Enhancement
  • Subsidy of off-site educational visits, across the academy, including the Y6 residential visit.
  • Funding to support a community project to develop our school grounds for outdoor learning.
  1. IT Provision
  • Purchase additional Ipads, to allow pupils access to the software/web based packages which support progress in Reading, Maths and Spelling and Grammar.
  • Purchase a class set of laptops to replace our old machines, to further support the above.
Monitoring Impact of Pupil Premium Funding 2015/16  

·         Specific data tracking of pupils’ progress and attainment

·         RaiseOnline – ‘Narrowing the Gap’ data

·         Pupil Questionnaires – through our Student Council

·         Parental Questionnaires / feedback