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Primary Academy

Year 1 Phonics

On this page you will find phonics website links, powerpoint presentations and phonics activities to be completed at home.


For Phonics lessons Year 1 are split into 4 groups (new phonics groups). Please ask your child which groups they are in to direct you to the correct page and activities. 

If you have any questions or you child is not sure of their group please message Miss Park via Class Dojo ​​​

Phonics sequence: revisit, teach, practice and apply 

Please remember where possible to use the correct terminology.

Phoneme – What the letter sounds like

Grapheme- What the letter sounds like

Digraph- Two letters that make one sound

Trigraph-Three letters that make one sound

Split Digraph- When a digraph is split by a consonant ( ae - bake)

Tricky words- Words you cannot sound out you just have to know it (by sight)

Segment- Break the word down into sounds

Blend- Put the sounds together to make a word

A parent guide to Phonics: