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Primary Academy

Year 4 P.E Page

This page contains work and information for Year 4 P.E.


Fitness Diary: The children can keep an activity log of what physical activity they are doing across the home learning time. Children should be describing and explaining what moves and exercises they are doing. 

Time For Break Bingo: Attached below are 12 different challenges for when children need a quick brain break. 

Yoga: Yoga cards have been attached below to promote relaxation techniques for the children.  Playing music to accompany the moves would promote better mental well being and relaxation techniques. We recommend the following link which provides children with piano themes of classic Disney Songs.

Go Noodle:

PE with Joe Wicks: Below you will find a link to all Joe Wick's workouts at home. He will be providing new live sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Mr Bingley's PE: As well as links below with PE sessions from Mr Bingley, you will also find PE sessions on the link below to follow along.